I’m amazed how a moment in this universe is equal to a thousand moments in a parallel universe, where time somehow stops and every moment happens in slow motion.So slow that the brain connects dots, fills gaps and relates what is happening to what already has and other thoughts. I like how it all works together, coherently, without spilling.

I like how my brain functions, along with all these thoughts and running between universes and still being able to respond.

I’m amazed by how I don’t blow up with amazement every single time you look at me like that. That very moment, god and a hundred thousand more like that.

Every single time, black eyes, rare eyes.

 I look at you looking at me and despite the colorful festivities around, your eyes are the only thing I really see.

Do you know? They speak, your eyes; every time when lips can’t, everything that lips can’t.

Dark eyes, glassy eyes. I see myself in them, standing and staring, my mini image. They are as dark as I would want my paradise to be, they reflect everything you have done to me!

Aren’t eyes just wide mirrors you ask me, no, for mirrors hide pretty well what’s underneath.

On the contrary, through your eyes, your heart, your emotions, your ambition and more I can read.

When they reflect, they reflect the real me. Standing alone in dark woods, finding my way to your heart through your veins and arteries.

I see, you don’t really see, how one moment of stillness can be split into a thousand new memories.

But if in that parallel universe we shall meet, with time not a constraint, I’ll show you what it feels like to be me.

How to stare, and in that one moment, how to set free. 



Inspiration : Aden and of course, the eyes. 

Picture credit: pinterest