Letters, words, alphabets, they are pretty. No matter the language, they, are always pretty.

Pretty to look at, pretty, their meaning, and pretty how they stay the same and never change and still, they are the ones, they cause the change.

Amazing, how they can elaborate. Words, make it all acceptable to the human brain, the concepts that animals don’t probably get, like the understanding of this universe, how energy flows, what different chemicals do to a body human or otherwise. Words, these words, they make it all look so simple. 

And then there are other words.

Words which aren’t that simple. 

Words which mean more than one thing, words which push the human brain to think (before they speak) because they could mean different things or have a varying intensity of impact with the set of words they pick.

Such is the magic of words, alphabets and other little things.

People seldom know their value and they are easily missed.

Because they are everywhere. 

In every corner that human ears and eyes can reach. They make up our entire world. Sometimes I think, if its only words and not a world, that we live in and live with. All dreams, ambitions, goals, thoughts, ideas, communication, what we see, what we share, all the little things, words only. 

They are a part of all languages and texts and important discoveries; the only part which constitutes their essence. 

They are omnipresent, like air indeed. The only difference is that they move where man moves, after all, man created these little word things, didn’t he?

So when there is vacuum but a man manages to survive there too, there will still be words.

Without words, a man can’t do.