I can be lethal.

Maybe, I already am.

I can ruin you, 

If that’s what you will.

Is that what you will?

I can. 

Totally blind you.

Won’t open your eyes.

But you’d still see me,

Far and wide.

Every time you try looking,

Like my picture on your retina,


 Everywhere, from the back to the front.

Like I’m the starting of your universe and

It’s me, you find fit for the conclusion.

Things I could do to you.

It scares me, 

I’m scared.

Scared of wrecking you. 

Of seeing your pieces broken more than rubble, 

Shattered more than the empty wine glass, 

Dirtier and messier, 

Loner and emptier.

Sad, sadder than you have ever been.

Sorry, where was I?

Yeah, scared.

 Scared of things that I want to do,


I’m adept enough to screw.


You know, I’m totally judging you for trusting me.

For giving to me the destructive power,

In my hands, these very hands.

Good lord, I don’t trust myself.

Likely to misuse and corrupt,

 Dear these hands,

I distrust.

Now afraid,

 Of how I can slowly decay your being.

Make it all meaningless,

 And all you’ll think is:

“Me. where is me? What is left of me?”

Now is when you will discover me,

In you, and what is left of you and don’t worry.


I’ll make you all about me.


Your bare soul; me.

Change you, alter you, and suit you? No.

Make you accustomed to me.

You see?

 Like puzzle pieces, 

Never fitting anybody but just the one with whom they are destined to be.

I can give you death and make you believe.

That it’s all you’ve ever wanted,

And honey, you’re so naïve.

So young and free to know,

But let me get this going,

Keep up the flow.

Can you apprehend?

What a void feels like.

What it means to break.

How those heart-crushing screams give more than they actually take 

Out of the one screaming.

How they can give you pain

 And pleasure

 And relief

 And really nothing sweet,

Just open wounds, parasites, blood and some flesh, 

If you please.

Once we fall a bit deeper in love,

 I’ll make you love escape.

Escape the trap of your soul,

 Move to another body,

Like a soul exchange,

And appeal in the dirty game.

You will,

Escape to me. 

Yet again.

Yes I can.

Can make it all happen.

 With such intensity, so fast yet

So, so, slow.

You think these are just words

No meaning, no warning.


For you too, shall know.

When you scream.

With all you have, no voice,

All feelings, shallow.

And oh dear boy I can.

Can make you dream.

Dream about things you never imagined could be.

When you are asleep and in thoughts too deep,


Of feelings; all black and white

And emotions being the only color.

Our color filled bodies dancing in otherwise colorless scenery.

This too, love can.

Can make you feel numb.

Move ground beneath your feet

As you fall deep,

 In the blue pit, 

Of my love, red and green.

Fall for all things scary, lovely covered in envy.

Fall for cranky, fall for nausea, fall for blood.

Yes indeed, 

Fall for me.

Secrets and mysteries and sins,

Decipher, if you will

You shall again take a leap.

You’ll love sweet and

Lust for sour bits dripping off of me.

Oh! The things I could do.

You know, I can really mess with you.

A little with your brain,

Totally disrupt your thought-train.

Play a little here and there

Did I tell you, I really like your hair!

So when I move my hands up,

Sweet, sweet hormones they’ll rush,

Shh, babe hush!

Surprise you?

Maybe deprive you.

Of so many things,

 You’ll be surprised by what you have and what you can give.

Let’s steal from you.

 Yourself perhaps, and make it mine.

For what do I have if not you and your time.

Should I?

Take away your patience,

Steal a little skin and mess with your blood?

I promise I’ll fix you babe,

Make you just divine.

The rest of you,

Perfect for the rest of me.

And yes,

We’ll die.

Physically,  just once.

But by that time,

I hope you hold on tight!

For a hundred thousand more times,

I’ll shock you a little here

Rock you a little there,


Sorry, just a word of advise.

When it’s about me and you and our personal space,

That we so earnestly share.

I cannot find it in me to lie.

Don’t sign up for jut what you see,

Because you see,

On the surface of it all,

I’m a little shy.