from pictures to words; this is how I see the universe.


So this is me. After you. Just so you know, while I’m writing this I’m listening to cherry wine and imagining you, sitting next to me. This isn’t the bad missing. No! It’s the good one. Good you, good me,... Continue Reading →


A Strange Rain

Is it strange, that the cold breeze and icy water have given me more warmth and comfort than any lantern or the very tight embrace of my socks. Is it strange, that the sound of downpour is suddenly more melodious... Continue Reading →

Remonstrance: A Lot Of You & A Lot Of Me.

I can be lethal. Maybe, I already am. I can ruin you,  If that’s what you will. Is that what you will? I can.  Totally blind you. Won’t open your eyes. But you’d still see me, Far and wide. Every... Continue Reading →


Letters, words, alphabets, they are pretty. No matter the language, they, are always pretty. Pretty to look at, pretty, their meaning, and pretty how they stay the same and never change and still, they are the ones, they cause the... Continue Reading →

In A Moment

I’m amazed how a moment in this universe is equal to a thousand moments in a parallel universe, where time somehow stops and every moment happens in slow motion.So slow that the brain connects dots, fills gaps and relates what... Continue Reading →

A little insight.

I'm just a regular teenage girl and like most people, my mind wanders. It wanders to an unchartered land, to territories I can’t go with open eyes and absolutely not without pixie dust and a magic wand in my hand.... Continue Reading →


Breaking the frontier of sorrow she went on, the forlorn widow finally stepped over the threshold of grief.

Sneak A Peek .

Ever wondered why a stranger looks at you the way he does ? Ever wondered why his stare is always either mocking your body or appreciating it ? Ever wondered why , they never look deeper than what's on the outside ? Why , they go no further and rest their decisions on only what they see ?

Dear daddy .

sitting on the bathroom floor I wondered out loud , "why the hell am I only four!!" Pissed from the shouting,I slammed the door Mom cried out loud; "what did you do to my daughter !" But Dady said nothing... Continue Reading →

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